Installation, Use and Examples


Method 1

git, a relatively new version of nodejs (I am using 8.x) and yarn.

$ git clone
$ cd deuxems
$ yarn
$ node index.js

Method 2

git and nodejs are non-negotiable, but if you don’t have or can’t install yarn, npm should work as well.

$ git clone
$ cd deuxems
$ npm install
$ node index.js

While an instance of this application is running on this website as a demo, it is really designed to be installed and run on one’s own (or a team’s) computer. For one, the demo version is really just a demo and is not guaranteed to be either stable or even running all the time. More importantly, this application will soon provide caching of results. This means your own personal queries will be cached on your computer saving you a tremendous amount of time when doing repeated identical queries.


Once everthing is installed, start the application with $ node index.js. You should see something like the following

$ node index.js
    GET    /{param*}                      static files
    GET    /about                         about
    GET    /docs                          docs
    GET    /install                       installation instructions
    GET    /swagger.json
    GET    /swaggerui/{path*}
    GET    /swaggerui/extend.js
    GET    /tos                           terms of service
    GET    /v1                            biosyslit
    GET    /v1/files/{file_id}            files
    GET    /v1/record/{id}                records
    GET    /v1/records                    records

Server running at: http://localhost:3030

Now you can begin querying the API. Below is an example using curl but feel free to use whatever programming language or application you prefer.

$ curl -X POST \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
    --header 'Accept: application/json' \
    -d 'input=I have been living in Berlin and working in Goettingen' \

You can get more examples of queries from the docs.


coming soon